Photo(graphy) of the Week 2011-11-28

This past Saturday, November 26, I had the privilege of working with a group of local volunteers trying to make a small difference in the lives of those in our local community.

Lead by my good friend and fellow photographer, Karen Brodie, the Help Portrait - Guelph event was held at Community Living Guelph Wellington on Saturday. A bunch of volunteers rocked the CLGW/ARC house taking portraits of those who would not normally have access or choose to have professional quality portraits taken. The event was sponsored by the Guelph Photographers Guild, a local group I have been involved with since it's inception.

All of the patrons received 2 5x7 printed portraits with a frame and DVD with all images taken of them so they could later print whatever they wanted. With 4 portrait stations and supporting make-up, editing and printing teams, over 100 patrons were photographed, some including their family members, friends, support workers and whoever else they wanted in the shot. Set-up began Friday night and the event ran Saturday from 9:00 am through to tear-down sometime around 5:00 pm.

Testing the setup Friday night ...
test one ..... test two

... three

... OK I think we've got it ! Now we just need to go home, rest and get ready to rock !

Images from the event are all on a hard drive (or two I hope) somewhere and will be provided to all those involved as model releases were obtained for use of the images by the photographers ... for now all I have are a few images that were not erased form the rotating set of memory cards that my team were using. I'm anxious to get the images on disc so I can see how all of mine turned out. There wasn't much time to critically evaluate the results of my efforts at the time ... of course this was not about me the photographer, it was about much more.

A couple of samples from late in the day. The rest I have to wait for.


My team members, and what a great bunch - thanks (cw form bottom left) Paul, Andrew, Dave, Milton, Mike and me.

The whole volunteer group

Local media coverage